Distance From Orlando to Miami Fla

The distance from Orlando to Miami is 235 miles, which is an estimated 3 to 3 1/2 hours when driving.

You want to take a daytrip from Orlando to Miami? We will provide different routes to get you from Orlando to Miami. There are different options to get from Orlando to Miami. We will list three different routes.

Option 1-Florida Turnpike
The distance from Orlando to Miami using the Florida Turnpike is 235 miles. This is the quickest and most expensive route.
Motorists are advised to start at Interstate 4 West and to get off at exit 77 which is the exit for the Florida Turnpike.
Motorists are next told to take the Turnpike all the way South Florida until it ends at I-95 in Miami.
There is a toll when taking the Florida Turnpike. The toll is an estimated $17.55 from Orlando to Miami.
Option 2-Florida Turnpike & I-95
The distance from Orlando to Miami when using the Florida Turnpike and I-95 is 246 miles.
This route starts similar to Option 1 as it starts on Interstate 4 West onto the Florida Turnpike. Eventually in South Florida, I-95 South, a free road, runs parallel to the Florida Turnpike. Once the Florida Turnpike and I-95 begin to run parallel to each other, it is recommended to exit the toll Turnpike and drive onto the free interstate.
Motorists can get off the Florida Turnpike at exit 152 State Route 70-Okeechobee Road. Then drive on the road for three miles east and then enter I-95 Southbound towards Miami. It will cost a driver around $9.95. A savings of $7.60.
Option 3-US 192 and I-95
There is an option that avoids the tolls of the Turnpike.
Drivers can take I-4 to U.S. 192 on exit 62.
Then motorists can take U.S. 192 East 48 miles until they arrive at Interstate 95 South near Melbourne.
The route finishes with the final 180 miles on Interstate 95 into Miami.
The distance from Orlando to Miami on this route is 252 and there are no tolls.

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