Wootson Saves Deputy from Firey Car

The Orlando Fire Department reported that OFD Lieutenant B. Wootson was off-duty when he made a timely rescue of a Public Safety brother (Seminole County Deputy) from a major collision moments before the entire vehicle was engulfed in flames early this morning. Lt. Wootson was on his way to take his son to a soccer game when the incident occurred. He said he witnessed the vehicle collide into a bridge. He immediately jumped into action, once he dismounted his personal vehicle, by extricating the Deputy who was trapped inside the burning vehicle while making sure his son was safe in the car. The Deputy was transported to a local hospital. Lt. Wootson’s bravery and sacrifice is a reminder of how firefighters are NEVER off-duty and that training and preparing for situations like this can make a difference when seconds count. Firefighters put their lives on the line for others every day.